Tumescent Local
Anesthesia Liposuction
eliminates the risks
associated with
general anesthesia.

Facial Liposuction


Cheeks and Jowls

Neck and double-chin liposuction can often be successfully combined with liposuction of the cheeks and jowls. Jowls are partially formed by gaining fat along the jawline. When fat is present along the jawline this is a marker for aging. Reduction of this fat can help restore a more youthful appearance.

Some women are born with “chubby” cheeks which can appear almost be too youthful. This isn’t a problem that can be overcome with simple weight loss. Liposuction of the lower cheeks can create a pleasing balance between the acceptable fullness of the “apple” of the cheek and a taper toward the jawline.

Dr. Finder uses a gentle sculpting technique with tumescent anesthesia liposuction and very small instruments. These small instruments lead to very precise facial sculpting and faster recovery. Using the SlimLipo™ laser with its fat melting advantage helps Dr. Finder achieve a smooth result.

Tiny incisions, typically in the crease just under the chin or behind the ear lobes leave virtually no scars. The healing is so rapid that these small incisions are hardly noticeable after wearing the garment only three days. Upon returning to your normal activities, there is usually little evidence that a procedure was done with the rapid reduction of swelling and quick healing of these small incisions.

Local anesthesia tumescent liposuction of the cheeks and jowls, in conjunction with  SlimLipo, can take years off a patient’s appearance, and make a dramatic improvement on a woman’s profile.